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Copaslip Anti-Seize

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  • High and low temperature assembly compound protects against seizure, fusion and corrosion in extreme conditions
  • Reduces wear and torque in areas of high friction
  • Prevents galling and pitting
  • Size: 100g tube, 400ml aerosol, 500g tin


Copaslip Anti-Seize

Copaslip anti-seize is a compound specially formulated to protect against seizure even in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Furthermore it also protects against rust, oxidation and other corrosion. Copaslip consists of micro-sized particles of copper in a semi-synthetic base. To these basic anti-seize ingredients are added highly effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. The unique combination of properties ensures rapid and easy assembly of threaded parts and as a result it allows correct torque to be applied by eliminating thread interference.

Copaslip lubricants prevent seizing and galling giving a quick and easy breakout of threads, gaskets and packings even after long exposure to high temperature, corrosive conditions or extreme surface pressures. It also reduces wear in areas of high friction. Finally by protecting against seizure, maintenance work requiring routine or infrequent assembly and dismantling is made much easier and less costly.

  • Formulated to not harden or soften under extreme temperature and operating conditions
  • Has a very wide operating range from -40°C to +1100°C (-35°F to +2000°F)
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact to increase reliability and component life
  • Provides permanent protection against rust and corrosion

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400ml Aerosol, 100g Tube, 500g Tin