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We have a huge range of hand tools, something for every job and to suit every application from craft, through to hobby, trade and professional woodworking. We sell quality tools like clamps, all types of saws from hacksaws to fretsaws and everything in between together with knives, scalpels, hand planes, scrapers and spokeshaves. Not forgetting hammers, hand drills, nail pullers, pliers and cutters, screwdrivers, tape measures, rules, gauges, files, staplers, tackers etc. In fact it’s a one stop shop for all your hand tool requirements.

F Clamps

F Clamps These F Clamps are a handy products in any tool chest. You can probably guess why they’re called F-style clamps (as opposed a a Q-style or Z-style) but you’re probably thinking why you’d get an f-style instead of a parallel clamp. Well, the difference lies in the point of delivery for force – whereas parallel clamps…
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