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Hammer In Plasterboard

Hammer In Plasterboard This expanding metal plug is a light duty hammer in plasterboard fixing, ideal for hanging picture frames and other fixtures up to a weight of 10kg. It's extremely easy to use and brilliant when you need to decorate. Simply remove the screw and paint over the face of the fixing, when the…
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Metal Speed Plug

Metal Speed Plug The metal speed plug is a light duty anchor for attaching items up to 9kg onto plasterboard. In this example we installed the product into 12.5mm standard plasterboard, giving a strong hold ideally suited for light shelving, mirrors and picture frames. The clue is really in the name, "Speed" and that's one thing…
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Wing Tip Self Drilling Screws

Wing Tip Self Drilling Screws Specifically designed for attaching timber to light and heavy duty steelwork, with two wings that ream out the timber. Eliminating the need to pre-drill.  
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