Hand Tools

Hand ToolsWe have a huge range of hand tools, something for every job and to suit every application from craft, through to hobby, trade and professional woodworking. We sell quality tools like clamps, all types of saws from hacksaws to fretsaws and everything in between together with knives, scalpels, hand planes, scrapers and spokeshaves. Not forgetting hammers, hand drills,…
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Nuts and Bolts Abergavenny

Nuts and Bolts Abergavenny Metalwork Supplies recently secured a large order of nuts and bolts in Abergavenny. And we were very pleased to source some specialist fasteners and fixing for them. We are proud to support Abergavenny with nuts and bolts and an extensive range of both standard fasteners and specialist fasteners in ranges including…
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Wheels and Castors

Wheels and CastorsWe supply leading manufacturers wheels and castors for various uses including: materials handling, institutional equipment, moveable display, furniture and many other specialist and industrial applications. If you are looking for just a few castors for a small appliance project or thousands of castor wheels in various sizes for large production runs then we can help. From our huge range…
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